Mega Electronics

In June 2019 Mega Electronics, a UK manufacturer of PCB processing equipment went into  creditors voluntary liquidation and closed down. As a distributor of these products for many years as well as having experience of using them within the education sector for over 24 years, we know that this PCB manufacturing equipment is designed and built to a very high standard. It is robust and ideal for heavy use.

Having researched the market for alternative manufacturers we at Electron have decided to manufacturer the PA range of Bubble Etch tanks and carry the spares to help service existing tanks.

These newly manufactured tanks in 2020 have been made using the original molds and machines that manufacturer was using and production and testing has been overseen by the former technical director at Mega. Time has been spent ensuring that these new tanks are built to the same high quality as the previous built tanks. The same components and suppliers have been used so you know that it is a genuine product. Additionally the majority of the parts that make up the tank are made in the UK and the finished product is assembled in the UK.

We have replacement heaters, thermostats, lid and basket and many other items available. These items are all from the original manufacturers so you can be guaranteed that you are fitting a genuine part.

We are currently manufacturing the PA104 Bubble Etch tank and will have stock available towards the end of August.  The PA210 and PA310 will be available in the Autumn. They are identical to the original manufacturer’s product and we have used the original moulds and tooling to ensure a high quality product.

Looking ahead we hope to produce some of the other products that Mega previously manufactured including the popular Rota Spray.

For all enquires please email