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Electron Electronics stocks products from a worldwide range of manufacturers including:
Adastra- PA equipment
Altai - connectors                                                                                
Ambersil - service aids                                                                 
Antex- soldering equipment                                      
Assemtec- sensors
Audio Technica- microphones                                 
 Augat - ic sockets                                                                           
Babani- books                                                     
BASF - audio and video tapes       
Bohler - tools                                                                       
Bulgin- mains connectors                                      
Bussman- fuses                                   
CDIL- transistors     
Citronic- audio equipment                                  
Cliff- connectors     
Comf - Battery holders 
Dallas - Semiconductors                                     
Dencon- electrical connectors
Diptronics - switches
Duracell- batteries
E-call - Breadboards
Epoc - capacitors
Fairchild- semiconductors
Fujitsu - relays  
GE - lamps
GP - Batteries
Iskra -  capacitors, resistors and diodes  
JSP- Health and safety
Kepo - buzzers
Kingbright -LEDs
Lyvia- electrical connectors and fuses    
Mabuchi - motors
Maxim - semiconductors   
Mega - PCB equipment
Mercury- TV aerials
Metway- connectors
Microchip- Pics             
Motorola- semiconductors
Murata - capacitors
National Semiconductor - semiconductors 
Nover - capacitors
OKI - semiconductors
On-Semi- semiconductors
Panasonic - TV and video
Philips Semiconductors - semiconductors
PIC - switches
Royal Ohm - resistors
Samsung- semiconductors
Scientific Wire - wire
Servisol - service aids
Shrinktek - Heatshrink tubing
Silonex- opto products  
Soundlab - PA and disco equipment
Skytec- PA equipment
ST - semiconductors
Sun - motors
Technics - audio equipment
Texas- semiconductors  
Toshiba- semiconductors  
Uniross - batteries
Zetex - semiconductors
Zilog - semiconductors