Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility has become the latest trend with businesses making a statement on their website. At Electron we don’t just make a statement we actually deliver.

Based in a small Surrey Village with the River Mole running through, the community was devastated by the flooding that took place on Christmas Eve 2013. Once the flood water had subsided it was evident that a large amount of rubbish had entered the river and now littered the banks and the river itself creating not only an eyesore but environmentally a pollution hazard.

With a group of friends from a local canoe club we paddled down the river in the spring of 2014 filling our canoes with rubbish. We collected gas cylinders, a green bin and lots of plastic that had been left behind from the floods. We organised a follow up in 2015 and have cleared over 7 miles of the River Mole.

We are also involved with the River Mole Catchment Partnership attending weekday meetings through out the year. Many issues have come up through the meetings, one being the effect of non native invasive species. The River Mole like all rivers is a haven for Himalayan Balsam. This pretty flower multiplies rapidly via its seed, with each plant being able to produce up to 800 seeds. It can grow up to 2M in height with the effect that it shades out other vegetation, killing them off.

We have been actively involved working in Leatherhead with a small group pulling this plant from the river bank. In Brockham we can often be found by the Borough Bridge pulling Himalayan Balsam. This year we have filled over 200 sacks, having cleared all of the downstream banks and most of the upstream.

We would like to think that as a business we have given something back to the community where we work and live by our actions.”We would like to think that as a business we have given something back to the community